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Pig manure treatment and manure separator

Dec. 28, 2018

Pin manure management - Pig manure separator


The pollution of pig manure in pig farms is very serious. Whether you want to spend money or not, you have to face the fact that the world attaches importance to environmental protection, You will have to do these things.


We've been advising farmers to use manure separator, but because of the high cost, many people abandoned this method.

ZHEHAN has developed a new type of farm manure separator, which has improved its efficiency and quality. Most importantly, the price has been greatly reduced.


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Environmental Pollution of Pig Manure


Pig from birth to slaughter:

Excretion volume 850-1050 kg

Urination 1200-1300 kg


10,000 pig farms discharge 30,000 tons of pure feces and urine per year, in addition, the flushing water from intensive production can discharge 60-70 thousand tons of feces and urine and sewage annually.


Take China as an example, there are more than 1500 pig farms with more than 5000 pigs in China. According to the annual output of these large-scale farms, the total amount of excreta and sewage in the year exceeds 100 million tons.

Only a few pig farms across the country have built energy and environmental projects to treat and comprehensively use the manure.


Taking Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen as examples, where the treatment of swine manure pollution is more intensive, the manure treated by engineering measures only accounts for about 5% of their respective emissions.

Since the problem of manure water pollution has not been effectively solved, most of the large-scale pig farms are surrounded by stinks, mosquitoes, and flies, and the groundwater nitrate content is seriously exceeded.

The epidemic of infectious diseases and parasitic diseases in a few areas has seriously affected the sustainable development of the pig industry.

In recent years, with the development of the pig manure treatment equipment and the decrease of the cost of the pig manure separator, these problems will be solved gradually.


The harm of pig manure


Pig manure contains a lot of residues of nitrogen, phosphorus, microorganisms, and drugs, as well as feed additives, they are the main harmful components that pollute the soil and water sources.

The average waste produced by a fattening pig was 5.46L per day, and the total nitrogen and phosphorus excreted in one year were 9.534 kg and 6.5 kg respectively. Nitrogen and phosphorus of 100-161 T and 20-33 t can be discharged annually from a 10,000 pig farm.


And every g of pig manure contains 830,000 E. coli, 69,000 E. coli and*a certain amount of parasite eggs. The main harmful gases produced in pig farms are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, phenol, indole, and fecal odor.

Methane sulfuric acid and so on are also the main components of pollution to the environment and surrounding air of pig farms.


This blog mainly talks about pig farm excrement pollution and manure separation equipment to solve pollution. I will write specific solutions in my next blog.

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