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Duck manure separator

Dec. 29, 2018

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Duck manure separator

For farmers who have used manure separator, they know chicken manure very well. Duck manure is a kind of farm manure which is difficult to deal with. Especially chicken manure, I wrote about how to use the separator to deal with chicken manure in detail in my previous blog.

Today I'm going to talk about duck manure disposal and duck manure separator on the farm.


According to the determination, a duck discharges an average of 100 grams of fresh manure per day, and every 10,000 ducks produce 1 ton of manure per day.

According to the 50-day feeding cycle of meat ducks, 50 tons will be produced. A duck farm with an annual market of 1 million ducks produces 5,000 tons of manure each year.

These excrements are the problems that must be discussed in the development of modern livestock farms.


At present, the treatment of feces still remains in the traditional way of grass matting and returning to the field, which combines the traditional way of grass matting on the ground with the way of scattered feeding outside the house.

Duck manure containing mat grass was composted and fermented, and then used as wax fertilizer in wheat fields or as base fertilizer in paddy fields.


How to deal with duck dung without manure separator?


Traditional methods of excrement disposal bring about many problems:


1. The need for large-scale yards.

2. It needs a lot of matting grass.

3. Odor soars, mosquitoes and flies breed, polluting the air, affecting duck farm epidemic prevention.

4. Duck droppings wash and flow, seriously polluting the surroundings.

5. Increase the number of feces transported to and fro, and affect the operating efficiency

6. Duck manure composting is a high-quality organic fertilizer in farmland, but the traditional treatment method makes it difficult to popularize the spreading technology of composting machinery, which is not suitable for the needs of agricultural modernization.

7. Nitrate produced by nitrogen oxides in poultry can also cause water pollution if too much fertilizer is applied to nearby farmland for convenience.


Therefore, large-scale poultry farms must have appropriate modern poultry manure treatment equipment and technology.

At this time, duck manure separator has become the lowest cost and most effective solution.


Preparations for the Use of Duck manure separator


Can't the manure separator be used directly? What preparations are needed?

Next, I'll explain it in detail.


In recent years, there have been many reports on the treatment of poultry manure at home and abroad, including many successful examples. There are three main ways to treat poultry: as energy, feed, and fertilizer.


- According to the determination, the contents of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in poultry manure were 1.64%, 1.54%, and 0.85%, respectively. It is an organic fertilizer with balanced nutrients and high content.

- Containing 25.5% of all kinds of organic matter, it can be used as energy raw material.

- It contains 7.94% crude protein, 0.11% methionine, 0.43% lysine and 0.1% cystine, which can act as feed.


In order to deal with poultry in large-scale poultry farms, we must first reform the traditional Duck-raising shed facilities and feeding techniques. Increase feeding density to achieve intensive production, create conditions for the mechanical collection of poultry manure, and improve economic efficiency.


The approaches to reform can be envisaged as follows:


1. The open-house free-range feeding was replaced by closed-house feeding. Concentrate duck dung in the shed for easy collection. At the same time, it can reduce the amount of flushing sewage treatment and reduce environmental pollution.

2. In feeding, container feeding water or long-running water feeding water is changed to omnidirectional nipple drinking water. The water consumption of traditional feeding technology should be reduced to less than 20%. Keeping the shed dry and reducing the moisture content of dung is an important prerequisite for the mechanical collection of duck dung (one of the reasons for the inefficiency of manure separator in handling chicken manure is the high water content).

3. The traditional ground mat grass feeding was replaced by the whole net board feeding.


Application of duck manure treated by manure separator


Used as raw material for biogas production


Poultry manure has been considered as a good raw material for biogas production. It is reported that 0.094-0.125 m3 of biogas can be produced per kilogram of poultry manure.


Feed for aquaculture


According to the practice of our aquatic team, the cost of feed can be reduced by about 30% by mixing duck dung with grass, bream and carp. This is one of the most convenient and effective ways to reuse duck manure.

For example, the aquaculture water surface is 700 mu, and it is most suitable to use 1 ton of poultry manure per mu of fish pond every year. It can consume 14% of duck manure produced in millions of duck farms.


Used as fertilizer


Duck manure is a high-quality fertilizer with abundant N, P and K contents and quick effect. It can improve soil, increase organic matter and improve soil fertility when used in farmland.

Under the condition of modern farming production, the technology that can solve the problem of duck dung accumulation, crushing and mechanical spraying will have more significant application prospects and effects.

It is envisaged that the duck dung collected regularly from duck farms will be transported to Tiantou stockyard, sealed with plastic film, fermented to kill flies, and crushed mechanically before sowing in summer and autumn. Then, the duck dung will be sprayed on the field with fertilizer applicator as the base fertilizer for rice and wheat.

However, this scheme has not played its role of reuse.


Manure separator is the best solution and indispensable equipment for duck dung treatment. If there are other problems with duck dung separator, please leave me a message.

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