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SS filter

Aug. 30, 2018

SS filter has the characteristics of high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, repeated use, environmental protection, etc. It widely used in industrial production, water treatment, and environmental protection, and gradually replaced the filter element products of fiber, paper, PP and other materials.

1. Our ss filter categories

Zhehan filter is the most extensive manufacturer of metal filter products in China. We have two modern factories and more than 20 years of experience in Industrial ss filter production. Our products include:

Wedge wire screen filter

Pleated filter

Sintered filter

Basket filter

Water treatment filter equipment
Solid-liquid separator

SS filter - wedge wire screen filter

We have two independently developed wire mesh filter production equipment, four wedge wire drawing equipment, and slot size error control equipment. We can customize a variety of products for our customers, including our positive wedge wire screen filtration accuracy of 20 microns and the anti-wedge wire screen filtration accuracy of 50 microns. Slot size error control is also ahead of the market.

SS filter - Pleated filter

Complete production equipment, including automatic folding machine, welding equipment (argon arc welding, laser beam welding), molybdenum wire cutting equipment, CNC machine and so on. We can process custom various specifications of pleated filter.

SS filter - Sintered filter

We have vacuum sintering equipment. and we can produce stainless steel sintered filter element and metal powder sintered filter element.

☞ SS filter - Basket filter

We have independently developed punching equipment and cleaning equipment. Among them, there is a patent for the cleaning process, which is different from ordinary pickling. After cleaning, the corrosion resistance of the filter basket can be increased by more than 40%.

☞ SS filter - Water treatment filter equipment

Patented product. It is not blocked, has a large flow rate, It is the most advanced equipment in the same kind of products at present.

☞ SS filter - Solid-liquid separator

Independent research and development of products, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, mainly used in farms, providing the best solution for manure treatment.

We provide professional customized services.

2. Our ss filter advantage

☞ Cost-effective price

Our company is located in the origin of metal filter raw materials and has advanced high-automatic production equipment, make our products on a high-quality basis, with a cost-effective price.

☞ Provide technical support

For the use, maintenance and maintenance of the product, Zhehan® filter provides professional technical support.

☞ Cleaning process

Our last process is cleaning, unlike surface acid cleaning, through our own research and development process, not only can the exterior be bright, more importantly, it has increased the corrosion resistance by 40%, extend the life of the product.

☞ Product development

We have an experienced research team and has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of universities and local research institutions. Product development and upgrade in the field of environmental protection.


3. Service

Custom service

Sample production

Order tracking feedback

After-sales quality tracking

Zhehan is a brand ss filter manufacturer with rich products, perfect quality management system, and cooperation with many local university research institutions. We have strong research and development capabilities, fast product updates, and the ability to provide customers with satisfactory products. If you have product information, please leave us a message.


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