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Successful Case Of Fecal Disposal In Cow Farm

Apr. 01, 2019

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ZHEHAN is the largest solid-liquid separator manufacturer in North China. This blog introduces you to a successful case of cow farm excrement disposal.


At present, most of the barns in large-scale cattle farms are cement-hardened ground.


In order to separate dry manure from urine and sewage, it is necessary to equip mechanical dung cleaning equipment and cow dung drying machine for harmless treatment in the barn, so as to improve the utilization rate of resources and reduce labor costs.


Next, the paper introduces several harmless treatment technologies of manure suitable for cattle farms in our city, including artificial dung, semi-mechanical dung, scraper dung and cow dung composting fermentation. Farmers can choose their own treatment and utilization methods according to the actual situation.

1. Artificial excrement

Manual use of shovels, shovels, brooms, etc. to collect manure into piles and transport it to dung yard or directly to farmland is a common method of dung cleaning in small-scale cattle farms.


The feeder regularly cleans the cow dung on the cement floor of the house manually, without equipment investment, simple and flexible, but the worker's work intensity is high, the environment is poor, and the work efficiency is low.

2. Semi-mechanical scavenging

Semi-mechanical dung truck and tractor are converted into dung truck, or special dung truck and small loader are purchased for dung cleaning.


At present, the forklift truck dung cleaning process is widely used, which is a transitional way from manual dung to mechanical dung. The dung forklift truck is refitted from a small loader. The dung pushing part makes use of waste tires to make a dung scraper, which is convenient to replace and compact and flexible.


The breeder drives to scrape the dung from the dung passage to the side of the cowshed and collects it.

3. Scrape the manure

The newly built large-scale cattle farm mainly uses the scraper to clear dung. The system is mainly composed of scraper and power device.


When dung occurs, the power device drives the scraper along the floor of the cattle bed through a chain. The scraper pushes the ground cow dung into the dung collecting ditch or to the side of the cowshed.


The equipment investment is not high. When the length of the cowshed is 100 to 120 meters and 200 to 240 meters, the efficiency of the equipment is the highest. The power consumption of the equipment is not more than 18 degrees per day. Only the angle wheel needs lubrication maintenance (interval of 2 weeks to 3 weeks).


Simple operation, safe and reliable work, moderate scraper height and running speed, basically no noise, no impact on cattle walking, feeding, rest.


Scraperboard does not need special installation foundation, whether new or old cowshed, the installation of equipment is very convenient, can be called the most suitable "low carbon" waste treatment system for cattle farms.

4. Composting fermentation

It is necessary to specify here that excrement should be pretreated and cow dung drying machine should be used.

The cleaned cow manure is sent to the composting yard after the harmless treatment of accumulated fermentation, which becomes organic fertilizer. The high temperature is formed in the composting process, which can kill all kinds of pathogens and insect eggs. Many components of the manure can be transformed into effective nutrients for plant growth and can be directly applied to facility agriculture or crop cultivation.


Composting treatment has been widely used because of its advantages of low operating cost, large capacity, and no secondary pollution. The specific method is to lay a layer of fine grass 10 to 15 cm thick on the dump yard to absorb the seepage liquid and then pile up the cow dung into a stack with thin mud on the surface. After one month, it will be turned over and stacked again, then sealed with mud soil. It will take about two months to reach full decomposition in summer. In winter, it takes three to four months.


5. Cow dung drying machine


With the strengthening of environmental protection consciousness and the development of competitive benefit of cattle farm excrement, Cattle dung separator becomes indispensable.


ZHEHAN has accumulated a lot of production experience through ten years of R&D and production. The working principle of our cow dung separator is briefly introduced.


- Inhaling animal manure into the separator by the pump

- Push forward through the screw blade

- During the propulsion process, the water flows out of the drum screen. and when it is pushed to the tail of the machine, there is a squeeze, which will squeeze out the water to achieve the purpose of dehydration


In order to meet the needs of global customers, we are also constantly developing, if you are interested, you can contact us at any time.


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