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The difference between the dissolution sinker & dissolution basket

Dec. 07, 2018

Dissolution sinker & dissolution basket


I wrote an article yesterday and mentioned one of my ideas.

Friends in the same industry can get together and discuss with each other in our blog. It can be a problem and make sense. I also hope that I can create such a platform, this is a small goal for me.


I've written about the problems in using the dissolution sinker before. Today I'll talk about the difference between the dissolution sinker and the dissolution basket.


Today's article comes from a customer's experiment.


He is doing a tablet dissolution test, two methods are used separately:


- dissolution sinker

- dissolution basket


The results measured by the two methods are very different, so he is confused.

His question is whether he has a problem with the operation or there is a difference.


The following is the answer from enthusiastic users.


“The choice of the basket and the sinker: Under normal circumstances, the paddle method is more selective for the paddle method, and the basket method is mostly used for capsule or floating preparations. The research data should be compared with the two methods to determine the best method.

Selection of rotational speed: At present, most of the rotational speed in the method for measuring the dissolution contained in the pharmacopoeia of each country is 50 to 100 rpm. The basket method is mainly 100 rpm; the paddle method is mainly 50 rpm. It is generally believed that the paddle method 50 rpm is equivalent to the basket method 100 rpm.

The setting of the rotational speed is related to the specific variety. Generally, the dissolution rate of the pharmaceutical preparation increases as the rotational speed increases. Excessive speed may result in poor discrimination of the dissolution behavior of different formulations, so it is not recommended to choose too high a speed.

The selection of the speed should be based on products that can distinguish between different prescriptions and production processes. If it is necessary to select a high speed, it should be fully verified.”


“The dissolution basket is suitable for use with ordinary tablets. The slurry method(dissolution sinker) is suitable for drugs whose capsules are easy to float on the solvent. The small cup method is suitable for drugs with extremely low main drug content. This is only my personal opinion.”


I believe everyone has an answer now.


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